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Crossing Death is a webcomic that takes place during one particular point in time on a planet known as Ther'ran. In this period of the world's history, the moment of truth for a doomsday prophecy unintentionally set in motion by Aeren, Goddess of Death, is soon approaching. Since death cannot exist without life and vice-versa, Aeren has been doing as much as she can to ensure the prophecy does not come true. At the same time a young couple, Brick and Janlyn, are trying to find where they truly fit in society only to stumble into the doomsday scenario. Is the prophecy real? Is trying to stop it only going to cause it? Are Brick and Janlyn's concerns moot? Only one way to find out.

So what does "Crossing Death" mean?

Crossing Death is a phrase on Ther'ran that means "To cheat death," or "To return one's body and soul to the realm of the living." One who crosses Death will be actively hunted by Aeren until the being is returned to the realm of the dead. In special circumstances Aeren can authorize one to cross, but such an event is highly unlikely to occur.

The History

As aforementioned, Crossing Death is just one of a few stories in the history of the world of Ther'ran and its sister world/satelite, Lunis. Each one showcasing key points of that time for the two worlds, their people, and the divine beings that try to keep everything in order. In fact, each symbol of the navigation bar represents the divine entity shown in the respective section banner (Aeren has to share with the rest of the cast, though). For those wondering how these stories got their start, it all began at the end of 2000 with a program called RPG Maker 2000. From this program, the characters you're reading about got their start where it took a few years to leave my computer in what one may call the "alpha version" of one of my other stories, Zephyr of Fate. Then to another story that didn't get off the ground because I complicated the game itself. Finally, Crossing Death was created as a simpler side-project that also fell to complications of the game mechanics. Now, all the game components have been stripped away, leaving the part I worked the most on, the story, for your enjoyment.

Original sprite versions of Brick, Serra, Janlyn, Vilia (aventurer and guard),
Princess Alberta, Penny, Solis, and Aeren (formal)

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